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Technology for knowing your Power Line Insights health and performance analysis

Our predictive technology allows you to prevent failures, to detect incidents, and to join the green energy transition.
  1. Ageing and corrosion predictive analysis.
  2. Fallen cables and power towers detection.
  3. Alerts on strong winds.
  4. Alerts on fallen trees affecting the lines.
  5. Ice deposits detection.
  6. Inclination and clearance to ground, for ampacity modeling.

Monitoring power lines

The product consists of a swarm of sensors which are installed in the power line. These sensors monitor the line's position. As soon as a variation is detected, the event is notified to the main operation office, allowing it to detect a problem 90% faster than current solutions in the market or standard procedures.

Suitable for any kind of power lines in harsh and remote environments, SENTRISENSE can be fine tuned to fit line natural movement, remotely through internet after the installation.
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The device is attached to the cable with a standard clamp for power lines. It is possible to install it in a hot line, and even by using drones.
Self-sufficient. Each device harvests solar energy for recharging a built-in battery. The device can run autonomously up to 8 months even without recharging the battery.
Tilting, oscillations and abnormal vibrations, among other variables, are measured and processed both at the device and at the cloud side, for letting the system warn about the lines' health issues.
The device is designed for connecting to the internet through several communication layers such as 3G/4G, WiFi or LoRa. By request, it can be connected by satellite.
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format_quoteSentrisense has accurately detected 100% of thefts on the lines that have this technology.format_quote
Alejandro Rehbein Oroz
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer
Transelec S.A.