Overhead power line health and performance analysis

What you can measure, you can improve

Continuous Measurement

We add value to your business generating information to support decision making based on the data gathered by our devices.

Real time alerts

We generate instant alerts so that you can quickly respond to events that require your attention.

Trend Analysis

Histories, trends, and statistical analysis of the available information based on the needs of each business.

API Integration

Integrate your services flexibly and securely with third-party systems.

Sentrisense value proposition relays in three main aspects:

Helping asset managers to replace damaged and worn out power lines basedon objective measurements.
Helping power lines maintenance teams to improve their Early Fault Detection (EFD) capabilities by giving predictability.
Helping power lines operators to drive more energy through the grid with the same infrasctructure, based on enhanced models.

What's next?

At Sentrisense, we continuously discover new applications for intelligent sensing and our main goal is to transform challenges into reliable solutions.
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